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Last Chance! Tickets for the forthcoming Wellbeing event Ocotber 21st!

Why should you attend?? good question!! and here are some further questions we have been asked by previous attendees...

Q. Why attend?

Our events are attended by a wide range of equestrians both leisure and professional who want to meet up with other like-minded individuals. We get so busy in our personal and professional lives and tend to rely on social media to keep in touch. However!! research has shown that nothing beats meeting up in person!. We have seen a real impact due to Covid on our ability to meet up with others, so we have re -launched the Network events in order to facilitate people coming together again. You will;

* Meet other like-minded people to share experiences, ideas and find solutions.

* Engage with experts and be able to ask them questions and be part of discussions of emerging and current equestrian challenges, issues and solutions.

* Meet people that might buy your products or services or promote you to others.

* Find out about new services and approaches that you could use on your own horse or at within your business.

* Network to create opportunities to grow your business.

The Equine Network is a faciliator of social and business networking events and is open to all.

Q - Why do you run in-person events?

A - Our events allow people from a range of equestrian backgrounds and interests to meet up regularly in order to socialise, share opportunities and develop relationships that underpin the value of a network. We welcome all people interested in the equine industry both providers and consumers. We have found through all of our in-person events that people share experiences, stories, advice and also pass on details that help to inform, grow and develop business contacts. In turn this creates opportunities for local and regional providers and consumers. Nothing beats a face to face conversation!

Q. What are the particular themes for your events?

A - We theme our events around current and emerging points of interests facing the equine world. We invite experts to come along and share their points of view, latest trends, demonstrate new and interesting services or products, and share their latest research emerging from professional and clinical fields of study. we find if we keep themes that have a broad appeal then we tend to attract a variety of participants that then facilitates valuable networking opportunities.

Q. What happens at the events?

A. We generally run evening events and provide tea coffee and cake in your ticket price. We schedule the event to include guest speakers and or demonstrations of interest, and have a break in the evening to chat to one another. You will always have the opportunity to speak to our guests and ask them questions. If you are a business please do bring along any promotional items to hand out to participants and guests.

Q. Where does the ticket money go?

A. We are a non for profit and all our profits after costs (typically room hire, fees and catering) go directly to the RDA.

Q. Can i get involved and volunteer to help?

A. Yes!! in short we welcome people who want to get involved in organising the Network. Our founder is currently supported by two volunteers and we work with Reaseheath College as Industry mentors in order to facilitate the Network events. So if you have some spare time and think you can offer support please do get in touch.

Q. Can i sponsor an event?

A. We are currently activating an online membership area and online business services. We welcome paid advertising opportunities on our website. We welcome any gifts or donations that we can raffle off in aid of the RDA at events. If you would like to be an event sponsor we can also arrange this as well.

So please do come along to our events, if you need any further information or would like to get involved or even host an event please do email at or alternatively drop the network a line on Socials -

So please do come along to our events, keep in touch by subscribing to join our mailing list and if you would like to get involved or even host an event please do email at

Best wishes.

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