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Happy New year!

Hoping that you all have a wonderful, productive, happy and fun filled New Year in 2021!!

So! Lots to look forward to, with fingers crossed that the vaccine sees an end, to isolation and restricted business and leisure. I for one want to be able to put on planned events this forthcoming year in the hope that all of our existing and new subscribers and followers can attend the events in person! This indeed will be a novelty!!

We have lots planned and as soon as we are heading in a more positive direction we will update you!

Meanwhile of you have any Marketing or business start-up queries please get in touch. If we cannot help we will know someone who can. We now have members that are experts in finance, marketing, business start - up and development, professional equestrians riders, venues and retail businesses along with a number of equine welfare and wellbeing specialists.

Please keep an eye on the blog for the 'In the Spotlight' series and keep in touch via Facebook.

All the Best!

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