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A Welcome Return! - December Social @Symbiosis Rehabilitation and Performance Support!

We had a fabulous evening over at Reanne Benson's new facility at Kelsall Equestrian Centre. Reanne owns Symbiosis Rehabilitation & Performance Support and has for a number of years, offered her fully qualified and accreditated services to a wide range of riders and non-riders. Joined by Cheshire Equine Therapy , The Listening Room Counselling Services Ltd, and friends we were educated in rider and horse biomechanics. With the benefits of Reanne's expertise, we gained insights into how we can alter and change what we do as riders, to help out our horses and support them to move better and for all to be more comfortable. We were able to have a sit on Rocky' the simulator!!

Reanne assessed our sitting position, posture and leg position identifying problems with solutions provided. We wholly recommend a Rocky party to groups of people looking for a fun filled but educational party!. Many thanks to our attendees, willing participants and Reanne for the food, drink and her hosting.

We look forward to the New Year with anticipation that we can hold more in-person events. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog, emails - please subscribe! and see our facebook page. Have a lovely Christmas and New year!

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