* In the Spotlight!*

The Spotlight guest is the amazing Deborah Parkinson Wicks - Para Dressage Rider!

...Lockdown is certainly proving to be challenging for many of us within the equestrian community, but there are key points about it that can be used in our favour. I am a Grade II Para Dressage rider from Whixall and whilst initially things (everything!) seemed so bleak, I have been utilising time to concentrate on fundamentals....and it pays my horse back in spades. Essentially my 'Top Tip' for Lockdown is to study: whatever your discipline might be find the very best practitioners and read what they say, watch what they do, take notes, practice, and learn. In my case I am focusing upon straightness and more 'throughness' as I steadily pick my way through the Scales of Training but, whatever you do, be sure to make it fun and mix it up with variety along the way.

Any work put in now is sure to pay dividends in the future, and I certainly am planning to be back out competing once it is fully safe to do so. My mare, Hope And Anchor, is constantly full of surprises and despite an early life dogged by desperately ill health, has gone on to win ten of her Para and Able Bodied British Dressage classes and come second in the remaining four.

Having also been placed second in the BD Quest NW Regional final, we are investigating different routes for a variety of classes and championships in 2021....but of course, time will tell. Meanwhile we stick to our plan of consistent training both under saddle and in hand, and with support from our wonderful sponsor John Oates Horseboxes - https://www.johnoateshorseboxes.co.uk/ we are full of enthusiasm for the future.

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