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Covid-19 & Keeping up with Industry News!

So your probably more than aware that we have yet to reach the peak of the Cover -19 pandemic. I have been working from home, which is not easy given I have two children to now occupy as well. I have been talking to lots of our local equestrian businesses who are trying to think creatively how they can continue to provide their services. I will keep posting top tips on our Facebook page along with some Marketing tips and any current guidelines for you. I note that in writing this blog that Horse and Hound have just reported that all equestrian activities should really cease in line with the school closures and the forthcoming further guidelines on social distancing. Local events both unaffiliated and affiliated are cancelling and venues are closing. This is inevitably going to impact peoples incomes. If I can help any businesses with developing online activities, or just provide advice on marketing whilst we are all at home, get in touch! ...Meanwhile lets hope that the peak of the pandemic is reached and over the next few months get back to business as usual. All the best for now and stay safe folks :)

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