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Launch Event!

Carrianne and Savina met over lunch to chat about our respective professions and businesses. After meeting up and sharing some ideas, we decided to ask people in our own networks whether they felt that social media, equestrian events and general horse related activities enabled people to truly connect with one another in a meaningful way!. As business women, we know the benefit of engaging with our audience, clients and other businesses who share the same interests face to face in real life social settings.. Shared issues, opportunities and insights including getting to know personalities!, create new relationships that can help to facilitate good business and create value for customers. The responses to our questions cemented our initial vision, that networking events would indeed prove to be popular, and in demand, would reflect the old fashioned approach to getting to know businesses and customers, and would be of benefit to our local regional equestrian industry and customers.. Therefore, we aim to host a series of events that enable people to meet up, share information and ideas, meet other like minded individuals, engage with customers, and offer contemporary industry and professional insights. Through our membership we will provide exclusive benefits, we will also host skills development and industry workshops and host an annual members social awards evening. This the is the beginning of a new initiative and we look forward to receiving feedback and ideas from our new members. Many thanks!

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