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Get IELTS Band 9 - In General Training Writing ...

Take a look at these 35 sample Band 9 IELTS essays for writing task 2 of the IELTS exam. Task 2 can cover a wide range of essay topics for the IELTS writing task section of the test, so preparation is key. Use the following samples when preparing your IELTS essays to see how close you are to a band 9!

Get IELTS Band 9 - In General Training Writing ...

IELTS general training examines english language in a practical and everyday context.Those taking the General Training IELTS, will have the taste of language that would appear in advertisements, guidebooks, magazines, notices etc. Written tests will be tested on general tasks such as letter writing or basic essay writing.

There are many things for the aspirants to do before writing the IELTS exam, searching for the format, syllabus, content of the test, communicating with others who have taken the exams, taking an online or face to face prep course and more. Another thing to take into account is which version of exam you need to take IELTS academic or IELTS general training.

Both the IELTS Academic and general training IELTS test are subjected to a 9 band scale. For each section in writing, reading, speaking and listening the test has a band score from 1-9. The average score of the four sections will be your overall IELTS band score which ranges from whole numbers(e.g. 4,5) or half(e.g, 6.5,7.5). Here is the explanation of knowing the band scale for IELTS academic vs general scores.

IELTS speaking, listening and writing are scored in the same way for both the versions.But IELTS reading, which occupies a full 25% of your score, is rated very differently on IELTS academic vs IELTS general training.

Academic version is conducted to test your level of comprehension. When coming to IELTS Academic vs General difficulty. Compared to IELTS academic IELTS general training reading is quite easier. Even the scoring format is different as well.

Both the IELTS exams general and academic are conducted by the british council, cambridge and IDP IELTS India across major cities in India. Those who are in need of writing the exams can check out the official websites for the exam dates and can book the IELTS test on your convenient date with preferred location.

IELTS exam dates are available throughout the year according to your convenient dates. IELTS test dates are available up to 4 times a month which is 48 times across the year. The IELTS exam dates vary for the IELTS academic and IELTS general training exams.

But all these difficulties were not seen while opting professional guidance for writing IELTS general exam. At Kanan international, we have examiners to assess your speaking and writing tests. You can improve your skills by attending master class.

The amount of time required for studying for the test depends on your ability to learn and absorb the training. Some people are fast learners while others require more time to prepare for the IELTS academic exam as it is quite difficult when compared to IELTS general exam.

Slowly ease yourself into the habit of studying and things will come to you naturally. Spend some time everyday practicing your academic writing, listening and speaking skills. Find out the difference between academic writing and general writing and create a writing preparation plan for your chosen exam.

Fees for IELTS academic exams remain the same as fees for IELTS general training. The IELTS test fee in India differs as per the test type. The types include computer delivered IELTS, IELTS for UKVI, life skills and pen and paper based IELTS. If you want to choose the computer delivered IELTS or pen and paper based IELTS check out the link below for the fees.

The IELTS general training test is used for immigration visas in many countries. In the United Kingdom, the scores required depend on the type of visa sought. Applicants must have the band score of 7.0 for Tier1 general visa. Applicants should have 7.0 in each section.

IELTS books can help you prepare and increase your total band score based on your skills. This is especially true for the IELTS writing test module, which many students find the most challenging. This is due to the fact that you must create two difficult longform pieces in a short period of time.

Helping you prepare for the Academic IELTS, the primary objective of the course is to help you achieve a higher overall band score. With this IELTS academic writing book, you can develop your writing skills to improve your essays. Along with that, you can also improve vocabulary and grammar and practice with exam tasks. You will find valuable advice and information regarding this section and the overall IELTS exam.

So, again, task achievement essentially asks the candidates, hoping to get a band 9 in his/her letter/email writing task, to write exactly what is being asked in the letter instead of jumping all over and writing about something completely different.

Now that we have familiarised ourselves with the criteria of a band 9 IELTS letter/email, it is time for us to see, with examples, how you can actually achieve this top score in all types of letters/emails, no matter if you are writing a formal, informal or a semi-formal letter.

Utilising the allotted 20 minutes properly to finish the task is very crucial in achieving a higher band score in the IELTS writing section. Remember that, you have 60 minutes in total to finish two tasks in your writing test. The first task is letter/email writing and the second task is essay writing. Please note that the essay carries double the points than the letter sample in your overall writing band score. So you should allocate no less than 40 minutes for planning, organising, writing and revising your essay. And that leaves you with 20 minutes to complete your letter/email sample.

It is important to study in this way so you can make a plan. For exam, if you have a band 6 and need to get a band 7, you know that you need to answer an extra 5 to 7 questions correctly. You can then work out an appropriate training regime and do enough listening practice to get your score up to the desired level.

You will be given a score (1-9) in each of these, and the average will make your total writing band score. Keep in mind, however, that there are different requirements for task 1 and task 2, which we will look at next. 041b061a72


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