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Stellar Photo Recovery Premium [Latest]

as is evident, stellar data recovery is a comprehensive data recovery tool. it can recover files and folders that are of different types, be they music, videos, images, or documents. also, it can recover files that have been deleted without any backup copy. as to how it does this, the program has an auto-detect feature that allows it to scan the entire drive and create a list of files that can be retrieved. once the list is created, you just need to select the files you want to recover. note that, when you are recovering files from an older operating system, the program will only recover files that were created after the operating system was installed.

Stellar Photo Recovery Premium [Latest]

the program can detect and recover files in the most recent windows versions, as well as in older windows versions such as windows xp. apart from the features that are mentioned above, stellar data recovery also supports the following operating systems: windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, and windows 10.

another advantage that stellar data recovery offers is its ability to support fat and ntfs file systems. it does this by providing options to change the file system used for recovery. as a result, you can recover files from other file systems such as linux or macos.

the program also supports file and folder recovery, which means that if you delete files or folders, stellar data recovery will help you recover them. also, if your data has been corrupted, stellar data recovery can be used to retrieve them.

video recovery software supports all the popular formats like mp4, mkv, avi, mov, mpg, mpeg, wmv, flv, etc. you can also utilize this tool for recovery of video files with the help of custom file formats like xvid, hdv, 3gp, dvc, etc. the software not only recovers video files, but it also supports recovery of audio files from the media as mp3, m4a, wav, wma, ogg, etc. apart from this, the video recovery tool can even recover raw images, which are widely used in the field of photography. the software gives support to both the windows and linux platforms. you can also save your data into image, sound and video formats like jpeg, png, tif, bmp, gif, mp3, wav, wma, m4a, avi, mov, mpg, mkv, flv, hdv, etc.


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