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Read Ebook Your Best Body Now! DJVU, TXT, DJV

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Read Ebook Your Best Body Now! DJVU, TXT, DJV

Ebooks became almost as popular as traditional paper books thanks to the devices created to read these files and provide the best experience. First there were the e-ink ebook readers which let their users read books on screens of convenient size, adjust fonts and indents and organize many hundreds of book files saved on one light device. Later they got a really strong rival in tablets and smartphones, especially the Android-based ones with their great variety of models and sizes.

Also, one of the best things about reading apps is their price: there are free Android ebook readers with decent functionality, and the price of the paid ones is really small in comparison with a separate e-ink reader.

Current universal readers for ebooks, both free and paid, should have a certain set of the default features, like configuring the page appearance, bookmarks and notes, page scrolling, etc., and they do offer these features. So, other criteria might be important to define the best ebook reader for Android smartphone or tablet.

FullReader is perhaps the best customizable free reader app for Android mobile OS on the market. It is able to open and read almost all ebooks and documents and does not require installing any other utilities.

Cool Reader is the oldest and best-known ebook reader for an Android tablet and smartphone. The retro interface now looks slightly awkward, but the application is a convenient and functional tool for reading ebooks and documents on Android devices. The license is free and does not include ads, though users can support the developers by donating.

The free edition of this ebook reader has all the best options required from an Android reading app: Library with book categories and sorting, appearance customization, page scrolling, bookmarks, notes, text search, etc.

Moon+ for Android is one of the best ebook readers with a neat and beautiful interface of the Bookshelf file manager and convenient menus (main side menu and settings menu). The free build of this ebook reader offers detailed formatting of the text, supports notes and comments. There are several themes and night mode to use this reader on Android mobile phone or tablet in the dark time.

eReader Prestigio is a free Android app for reading ebooks created by the developers of the Prestigio tablets. The interface of this reader is aesthetic with a smart Bookshelf and a very convenient side menu, however, the best advantage is the direct access from the application to its own bookstore and library with thousands of titles.

Aldiko reader is a good choice if one needs to read ebooks in EPUB or PDF format on an Android mobile phone or a tablet (these are the most common formats of ebooks and textbooks). The interface of the free edition of the ebook reader is simple and inspired by Google apps on setup. The reader provides the best formatting options for text and sorting options for the library items. The black theme for the night mode is available.

Thus, the best ebook reader for Android might not be defined so easily, as it depends on the requirements of each user. For example, if someone needs to open and read lots of formats of ebooks, documents and magazines on an Android mobile phone or tablet with one application, then free universal readers like FullReader would suit best of all. Some other users might be attracted by the direct access to a huge online ebook store provided by the Pocket Book reader, or smart interfaces of Prestigio or Moon+ if the number and types of their supported formats can meet one's needs.

This info might help to make a choice and pick the ebook reading app which would certainly match your requirements best of all. And then download it from Google Play, install it on your Android phone or tablet and enjoy the story. 1e1e36bf2d


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