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Where To Buy Bubba Blade

This Bubba Blade 12" Flex Fillet Knife is designed for the fisherman that likes some flex to the blade and is filleting larger fish. Bubba Blade used the same patented textured no slip grip handle and stainless steel as the Bubba Blade 9-Inch Stiffie and 9-inch Flex for effortless cutting and total knife control.

where to buy bubba blade

The non-stick coated 7 Inch blade makes filleting smaller pan fish & meat cutting even easier. Add this 7 inch blade to the 9 inch flex & 9 inch stiffe and have the perfect filleting & carving set of knives.

Features:7" Blade with 6" handle for a total length of 13"Full tang construction from a single piece of steel provides strength and stability and balances the knifeThe Bubba Blade is coated with a non stick surface that is bonded with Titanium that will help prevent rusting & pitting and let the meat slide off the blade effortlesslyTrigger grip lets you put some heat on the knife when neededThumb & finger pads ensure total controlSafety guards for protection from the blade & spines of fishHigh carbon stainless steelLarge patented textured no slip grip handle made from thermoplastic polymer then wrapped with a special synthetic rubber that stays sticky when wet for total grip securityFactory sharpened by hand to razor sharpnessRockwell hardness rating 56-58Custom black synthetic sheath with Velcro straps

A first of its kind, the Multi-Flex is the ultimate fillet knife for any type of fisherman. Featuring four different full-tang blades (7" Tapered Flex, 8" Ultra Flex, 9" Serrated Flex, 9" Stiff), the Multi-Flex brings the best of Bubba all in to one set. An easy-to-use squeeze and slide mechanism allows you to switch between blades quickly and seamlessly while the Flex-Change locking system keeps the blade safe and secure. Our signature Bubba non-slip grip handle provides a consistent and classic feel to our new style of knife. The Multi-Flex comes in a premium EVA carrying case with a puncture resistant inner lining, removable tray for easy cleaning and a magnetic insert for blade security. The fillet knife will forever be changed.

The first type of knife we are going to talk about is the folding blade style of knife. The main thing you are going to look at is the hinge mechanism and the locking mechanism. The hinge is were most of the stress is going to and you need to be able to put plenty of weight on it before you buy it to make sure it is going to withstand the riggers of the outdoors and the heavy use it will be under.

The Bubba Blade Whiffie Tapered Flex Fillet Knife is a terrific fillet knife! The Whiffie combines the excellent No-Slip-Grip handle with a titanium bonded no-stick high carbon stainless steel blade that is very flexible. It is well balanced and comes pre-sharpened from Bubba Blade. Anglers have been using Bubba Blade knives on their boats or at the dock after a successful day on the water. The results are in and these knives get the job done! They won't corrode, last a long time and the handle is just amazing. If you need a flexible fillet knife, get a Bubba Blade Whiffie Tapered Flex Fillet Knife. It's worth every penny!

Great product! I own 4 of your knives plus your fishing pliers . Can I trade in my knives for the interchangeable set? Ha,Ha. your blades really hold an edge and i NEVER had my hand slipp off your sure grip handle.

The handles on all Bubba Blade knives are coated with a non-stick surface that is bonded with titanium to help prevent rusting and pitting. Combined with thumb and finger pads, Bubba Blade offers total control while meat slides right off the bone. All blades are stainless steel and come with safety guards for protection.

The Turkinator is available for $49.95. Bubba Blade also offers limited edition hunting knives in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country for $59.95. For more information, visit or call 844-486-7285.

13.5" overall. 7" high carbon stainless fillet blade. Red textured TPR handle. Full tang. Lanyard hole. Black titanium bonded non-stick coated blade. Handle features thumb and finger pads. Black nylon belt sheath. 041b061a72


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