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Corel Wordperfect Office X5 Activation Code !NEW!

I have been using Wordperfect since 1985 and x5 for the last 3 years. Monday when I started the program I got a dialog telling me that my 30 day trial was over and I needed an activation code. This was crazy, so I contacted support who told me to take a hike, the program was to old to give me support. Suggested I try this forum instead. My original install that worked until Monday used the following:WordPerfect(R) Office 15Purchase serial number: WP15R89-KZBNDR4-Z2ARWXU-RG3BWMC-PVP8NActivation Code:7A73-9637-AB18-8306-E8AFInstallation Code:XT36-UAPR-RN6Q-RBVF-T6HSID: 317005 30Can anyone tell me how to get a new activation code - or some other way to get the program running - so I can continue using a product I paid for.dave

corel wordperfect office x5 activation code

Among the remaining avid users of WordPerfect are many law firms and government offices,[3] which favor WordPerfect features such as macros, reveal codes, and the ability to access a large range of formatting options such as left-right block indent directly with key combinations rather than having to click through several layers of submenus as Microsoft Word often requires. Fast typists appreciate the ability to keep their hands on the keyboard, rather than reaching for the mouse as often as would be required if they were using Microsoft Word. WordPerfect users may also define any key or key combination to do what they want, such as typing phrases they often use or executing macros. The user interface has stayed almost identical from WPWin 6 through WP X5 (2010) and file formats have not changed, as incompatible new formats would require keeping both obsolete software versions and obsolete hardware around just to access old documents.

I recently needed to re-install Windows operating system and all pre-installed software, but when I got to the Wordperfect Productivity pack, the set-up program required me to input the software activation key code. I tried everything, but nothing worked. Where would I find the activation key? Is it the Serial number listed on the Wordperfect instruction card included in the disc envelop or is it the DP/N number listed on the outside of the disc envelop, or is it somewhere else??? Please help with any information you may have.


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