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Rezo Bragin
Rezo Bragin

Scorpions - Rock Believer (Deluxe) Torrent Download !!BETTER!!

Rock Believer, coming seven years later and in the 50th anniversary year of Scorpions' first album, shows there is no fuel shortage - with, in fact, "Gas in the Tank," the blazing opening track that references Trans Ams, "slam, bam, thank you ma'am" and urges "Let's play it louder and play it hard ... There's gotta be more gas in the tank" while celebrating the camaraderie forged over the decades. The rest of Rock Believer keeps that faith, with blistering riffs, pounding anthems and stinging guitar interplay between Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs that make Scorpions sound more like heavy-rock evangelists than believers, happy to still rock us like ... well, a hurricane. It's as if Scorpions' songwriting tandem Meine and guitarist Rudolf Schenker want to defy their years (both are 73) and prove that there is no statute of limitations on their craft, even if they're better advised to let the audience handle the actual act of headbanging.

Scorpions - Rock Believer (Deluxe) Torrent Download



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