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Download We Want Plates

Once your registration is canceled, you must recycle or destroy your license plates. Plates can be cut in half and discarded; or you can recycle destroyed plates if your town accepts them at the local recycle center.

Download We Want Plates

Please put the plates on your vehicle, the paperwork that came with the plates is your temporary registration. If you need an inspection, use the temporary registration. The certificate and sticker will arrive by mail within about two weeks.

Act 71, which became law on July 1, 2017, removed any end date from the law that authorizes certain motor vehicles registered in Vermont to display Vermont Strong plates that cover a regular front license plate. No other alternate plates are allowed.

The Connecticut DMV offers options online, by mail, and in-person to cancel your vehicle registration and plates or vessel registration. We call this terminating your registration.You will need to do this if you no longer have the registered vehicle or vessel or if you have moved out of state. Otherwise, your vehicle or vessel will be subject to property tax assessment in the town of record until your registration is cancelled. Once the registration has been cancelled, the vehicle will be removed from the next cancellation list that is provided to municipalities on October 1 each year. Prior to canceling your registration, please verify your current Connecticut registration status.

You will need to complete two forms to cancel your vehicle registration and plates by mail: Marker plate notice (Form E-159) Request for registration refund (Form F-82) Send printed copies of completed forms to the DMV: DMV Registry Record Section 60 State Street Wethersfield, CT 06161-5057

As of January 1, 2022, anyone parking in a disabled parking space must have a disabled person license plate or a disabled parking placard that features the International Symbol of Access (ISA). Currently, disabled veteran license plates do not feature the ISA.

Texans with disabled veteran license plates wishing to use disabled parking spaces in 2022 may apply for a disabled parking placard or for a new disabled veteran license plate featuring the ISA. The veteran must meet the eligibility requirements for a disabled parking placard or disabled person license plate featuring the ISA. Not all disabilities that qualify a veteran for disabled veteran license plates will qualify a veteran for a disabled veteran license plate featuring the ISA.

It is a violation of state law to use the placard or plates for a disabled parking spot without the person with the disability in the vehicle. People who misuse disabled parking placards are subject to fines of up to $1,250 and/or up to 50 hours of community service.

If you are visiting Texas from another state or country, your valid disabled parking placard and plates will be honored, providing the placard/plate is valid. However, you must abide by Texas laws regarding parking privileges, which may be different from your home state or country.

Qualified applicants receive one set of wheelchair symbol license plates for a vehicle registered either to the qualified person with a disability OR to one family member who provides the qualified person with transportation (aka driver). See the Qualifications page for detailed information.

The individual who holds the Person with a Disability Identification Card must be in the vehicle or with the driver at all times as proof of disability. The Card is non-transferable and must be with on the individual at all times to utilize the wheelchair symbol parking privileges. Any abuse or misuse of this privilege will be cause for immediate revocation of the ID card, placard and plates.

Under New Jersey law (N.J.S.A. 2C:21-4a), making a false statement or providing misinformation on an application to obtain or facilitate the receipt of license plates or placards for persons with disabilities is a fourth degree crime and a person who has been convicted of an offense may be subject to pay a fine, such fine not to exceed $10,000 and a term of imprisonment of up to 18 months.

To apply for plates or a placard, complete the Application for Vehicle License Plates and/or Placard for Persons with a Disability (Form SP-41). There is no fee for either the license plates or the placard.

You must renew your wheelchair symbol license plates every year as part of the Statewide renewal process. Every three years, beginning August 1, 2013 a medical recertification will be required to renew your wheelchair symbol license plates.

If you no longer qualify for the plates, you must surrender your wheelchair symbol plates and Person with a Disability Identification Card and apply for a new set of regular license plates at a motor vehicle agency.

If you do not receive your renewal notice in the mail, you may download the Application for Vehicle License Plates and/or Placard for Persons with a Disability (Form SP-41). Also review the Instruction Checklist (Form SP-41A) is available to ensure you have all of the necessary information to fully complete the application and avoid processing delays. Mail the completed application to:

The law requires a statement from a qualified medical practitioner recertifying your qualification for wheelchair symbol plates or placards every three years. The medical certification must be dated within 60 days of submitting your application. Detailed information on Qualifications is available.

It is your responsibility to be an informed and educated consumer. Buying a vehicle is a big decision. Know about the vehicle you want to buy and take your time when making a decision. Make sure you are informed and comfortable with your decision before you approach a dealer or private seller.

The Arapahoe County Motor Vehicle Division registers vehicles and issues license plates to county citizens at four Motor Vehicle office locations. See our Motor Vehicle Title and Registration page for requirements and fees. Standard License Plates

If you would like to purchase a specialty license plate, such as a designer, alumni, military, special groups or personalized plate with custom letter/numbers, you may register a vehicle and apply for the plates at any Arapahoe County Motor Vehicle Branch. Your specialty license plates will be printed by the State and mailed to you. If there are fewer than 30 days remaining on your temporary registration when ordering, you will automatically be issued a new 60-day temporary permit.

Specialty license plates and placards are issued to qualified persons with disabilities to park in reserved parking spaces. Please visit our Persons with Disability Placard or Plates web page for more information.

Colorado Rockies license plates are available now at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and you must have an official approval certificate verifying your donation, which you can get done now! To get this certificate, please follow these steps:

When are applications and donations being accepted?You may now download the PDF application through the "Download Application" button above. Complete the form and mail to Colorado Rockies Baseball Club, Attn: License Plates, 2001 Blake Street, Denver, CO, 80205.

Can I take my application and donation to the DMV?No, the DMV cannot accept the donation to the Colorado Rockies Foundation. Please download the application here, complete it and mail to Colorado Rockies Baseball Club, Attn: License Plates, 2001 Blake Street, Denver, CO, 80205.

Can I purchase a Colorado Rockies license plate if I don't have an approval certificate?No, the DMV will not issue Colorado Rockies license plates to anyone without a Colorado Rockies approval certificate.

My current vehicle registration expires before December 31, 2012, what can I do?Go ahead and renew your current license plates. Once you receive your approval certificate, you can take it to the DMV and transfer your registration to the Colorado Rockies plates.

Does making a $52.80 donation to the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club Foundation guarantee that I will get a Colorado Rockies license plate?Initially there will be a limited number of Colorado Rockies license plates available at each Colorado County DMV office. If your DMV runs out of Colorado Rockies license plates before you get yours, there may be a delay of a few months as they replenish their stock.

If I want to have Colorado Rockies license plates on more than one vehicle, do I need to complete more than one application?Yes, you will need to complete an application and make a $52.80 donation for each set of license plates you purchase. One set of plates per vehicle consists of one front plate and one rear plate.

If I want to purchase a Colorado Rockies license plate for someone else, could the approval certificate be sent to a different name and address than on the vehicle registration?No, the approval certificate must be sent to the address and person on the vehicle registration as shown on the application.

Can I purchase a Colorado Rockies license plate for a motorcycle, truck or a motor home?Yes, Colorado Rockies license plates are available for motorcycles, trucks and motor homes.


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