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Twin Mirror-CODEX

A constant, soughing breeze came at me across the flat Yucatán lowlands, picking up hints of coolness from the impenetrable green bush. Already it was becoming difficult to conjure up a coherent memory of the old colonial city of Mérida, only an hour's drive north, where I had spent the past three days in a gently seedy hotel with a fountain in its well-swept stone courtyard. Directly across the street was a twin-spired church; a hollow, tinny bell struck every half hour starting at five-thirty in the morning, awakening an insistent rooster. Mérida, capital of the Yucatán--originally known as the "White City"--had long since turned into a rather forlorn, gray place, its moods heightened by brief, torrential rain, swift black clouds, and intense sun.

Twin Mirror-CODEX

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As I leave the car and approach, listening to the crunch of my footsteps on gravel paths between buildings, the seductive complexity of the structures emerges and immediately becomes too much to assimilate. But I hunger to look and keep looking: corbeled archways; sneering, tongued, fanged, and bug-eyed rain-god masks hewn from pitted rock; peaked roof combs balancing upon frail latticework, vines intertwining; recurrent, spiraling geometric motifs circumscribing hundred-yard-long walls in layered parades. There is the impassive way the buildings face off against one another: the manicured, I-shaped ritual ball court with its tiered spectator stands and stone hoop; the oblong palace, one story high, its sinister, pitch-dark doorways leading into labyrinthine, bare rooms.

At the Lycaeum, Lady Janell, who already helped finding the Shrine of Spirituality, will suggest to talk to the twin sisters in Cove about the Shard of Falsehood. Leona will give you detailed directions to retrieve the Shard of Falsehood from Dungeon Deceit. Malifora of Moonglow, who already helped with the mantra of Honesty, also knows the Word of Power to open the Dungeon. Afterwards, go back to the Lycaeum and talk to Lord Shalineth to learn the name of another Shadowlord.

Even while incarcerated, her methods were cunning and devious. She escaped a maximum security prison, and poisoned Mozzie and consequently was led directly to the lost twin of the Hope Diamond. Rachel ultimately turned her gun away from Neal at the conclusion of Diamond Exchange as Neal replied, "It's beautiful here."

Josh Newman is the younger of a set of twins that are part of a prophecy with his sister Sophie. They were told that they were born on December 21, 1991, but Josh was actually born to a prehistoric human tribe around 30,000 BCE. He was moved to a Shadowrealm in which time stops by Isis and Osiris and eventually joined by Sophie. They both have blonde hair and blue eyes. Their adoptive parents are Richard and Sara Newman, who at the end of The Warlock turn out to be Osiris and Isis. Osiris and Isis later confirm that they didn't give birth to the twins and there wasn't a blood relation between them. Josh's aura is gold and has the scent of oranges.

Dee uses the Swords of Power to create a leygate, which makes them traveling back in time to Danu Talis before it had sunk, taking Josh, Dare, and Sophie with him. Josh and Sophie meet Isis and Osiris, who take them in. Soon they are to be presented to the Elders as the successors of Aten. Sophie and Josh leave and go to the roof of the Pyramid of the Sun. They see Isis and Osiris and start to argue. During the battle it is revealed that Josh and Sophie are not brother and sister. Isis and Osiris went looking for people with pure gold and silver auras, finding Josh at a prehistoric human camp. They stole him as a baby and raised him as their own alongside Sophie. Soon Isis and Osiris decide to kill the twins and reveal that they are Earthlords. Josh kills them and realizes that he is the twin to destroy Danu Talis. He fuses the four swords and becomes Marethyu, which can be translated as death in the lost language of Danu Talis. He also created a Shadowrealm modeled after the Pleistocene Epoch, but with four moons and no snakes.

The digital twin refers to a digital model of a particular product or asset that includes design specifications, engineering models describing the product with a digital representation for geometry, materials, components and behaviour. There can be many digital twins as geometry is just one of the many views. Other specific views can be about requirements, pricing etc.

A digital twin is intended to accurately mirror the as-build and as-maintained unique specifications of the physical asset that it represents. Which can either be a real unique individual asset or a real serially numbered assets. It becomes a twin only when that asset has been built. These can be around for a long time representing the installed base and sold products.

The challenge is and has always been to keep the digital twin updated and relevant. Updates are based on observations that can be manual and automated. For large numbers of observations, the use of IoT has opened up new possibilities for connectivity, edge computing and analytics. Sensors and IoT devices on the product and asset must be represented in the relevant digital twins.

Make, Manage, Move, Market and Maintain will be the basis for enabling hyper automation for our connected systems and technologies. It will utilize our four tenets of a design philosophy for innovation, blueprint for smart manufacturing and to enable IoT, a robust integration protocol, and actionable intelligence to pivot to Industry 5.0. It will also facilitate the seamless composition for commercialization - for marketing, selling, supporting and servicing our solutions. It will use our reference architecture called Digital Twine to coordinate adaptive engineering using digital threads and digital twins. 041b061a72


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