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How to Run a Successful Hotel Business with Download My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel is a cute and addictive arcade simulator with time management elements and a top-down view. In this wonderful game, the user will be able to try himself as a hotel manager. He will control all aspects of the hotel, earn money and gradually develop the business. The project opens up great prospects for the participant and offers an interesting way to spend free time.

In the game My Perfect Hotel, at first the user will have a very small hotel, consisting of only one room. He himself will have to perform the functions of an administrator, a maid and a cleaner. When the next guest arrives, it must be accommodated with maximum comfort. After his departure, it is necessary to restore order, change bed linen and so on. A little training will help the participant master the mechanics of passing.

download my perfect hotel

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Gradually, the user will take the business to a new level and start earning a lot of money. Wealthy people will come to the hotel: oligarchs, famous artists, politicians. This will increase the room charge and offer additional services to guests. The game My Perfect Hotel has nice graphics, made in rich bright colors. Pleasant sound accompaniment creates a positive mood. The project will appeal to children and adults.

My Perfect Hotel is a tycoon game mixed with intense atmospheres to create a sense of urgency in your gameplay while building a thriving hotel with extraordinary services. The best thing about this game is the vast content and in-depth development, always keeping you occupied and having immense fun while building the hotel and satisfying the customers.

Begin the game as a lowly bellhop in charge of cleaning rooms, greeting guests, collecting money, distributing tips, and stocking the bathroom with toilet paper. Make your way to the top. If you want your hotel to be successful, you must invest in renovations as your budget allows and hire more staff to accommodate guests. Even if your guests are sound asleep, you cannot afford to relax as a hotel magnate. Everything in this game is about speed and perceptions, as you must resupply the hotel items to satisfy the guest coming after.

Upgrade your accommodations and choose from various room layouts at each property location to increase client satisfaction. In this exciting virtual world, you take on the roles of manager and interior designer. Everything has its progress tracker, and the game will let you know when you have completed an area and are ready to maximize or upgrade the entire facility. Moreover, new areas and furniture will dock the game after numerous updates, giving you more joy and creative ideas in managing the hotels or changing the overall atmosphere.

My Perfect Hotel is a minimalist 3D management game where you will step in the shoes of a hotel manager. Your task is to accommodate all the guests, provide good service, and invest the profits in upgrades until you build the perfect hotel.

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Throughout the game, you can build several hotels, each with unique upgrades and different locations. Download the APK file and enjoy a straightforward, relaxing, and entertaining title, although it is advisable to play without an internet connection to avoid ads.

The gameplay is simple. You will have to add new rooms, furnish them and attract guests. You must also deal with other aspects of hotel management, including employee salaries, marketing campaigns, and research & development.

There is so much to do in My Perfect Hotel APK. It is an excellent game that provides a realistic experience of managing a hotel. If you are interested in the hospitality industry, this is a must-play game!

Can a hotel like My Perfect Hotel become genuinely perfect in its own right? Only you can solve the problems of this question on your own. Talented players will find a way to make it grow on their own. The best that a hotel should have is born with new ideas. Good customer reviews are what you need. Surely good quality must be world-class. Expand your business and invest wisely. The best hotels are created by the best and the fastest.

You are the manager and the only hotel employee who can do everything. We will accept incoming customers and check in at the counter. Then give them the keys and give them the right place to stay. After the customer has completed the rental period, they will check out. The money will now go to your pocket along with their rating. After that, the rest just cleans the room and welcome new guests. Cash will be neatly arranged on the side. You need to pick it up and put it in the places that need to be upgraded. So the quality of service has improved, and we need to work harder.

In the game, players will face various challenges in building and managing their own hotel. Players need to build their own hotel from scratch, including designing and furnishing rooms, lobbies, restaurants, entertainment facilities, and more. Through reasonable planning and layout, players can provide guests with a comfortable, convenient and attractive accommodation environment, thereby attracting more guests to stay.

In addition to the building and layout of the hotel, players also need to manage the day-to-day operations of the hotel. This includes hiring and managing employees, making sure they can do their jobs efficiently and provide good customer service. Players also need to manage the hotel's finances, including pricing, promotions, controlling costs, and more to ensure the hotel's economical operations are sound.

In "My Perfect Hotel", players can improve the hotel's star rating and reputation by continuously upgrading and expanding the hotel. Players can unlock new rooms, facilities and services to attract more customers and increase customer satisfaction. At the same time, players can also carry out marketing activities to attract more customers and expand the influence of the hotel.

There are also a wealth of tasks and challenges in the game, and players can complete various tasks to earn rewards and unlock new content. At the same time, players can interact with other players, participate in competitions and events, show their hotel management talents, and strive for high scores and honors on the leaderboard.

With its exquisite graphics, in-depth management gameplay and rich content, "My Perfect Hotel" provides players with an immersive experience of simulating running a hotel. Players can give full play to their creativity in the game and build their own perfect hotel empire.

Ever dreamed of running your own hotel? Start from the ground up in this fun and fast-paced time-management game where the aim is to build an accommodation empire and demonstrate your dedication to hospitality. Show your skills as a hotel manager, invest wisely in staff and property improvements, and work your socks off to become a hospitality tycoon in this addictive and entertaining casual simulator.

Build an empire: There are several hotels to explore and expand, each with dozens of different unique upgrades to make before you reach five-star perfection. Demonstrate your competence as a manager in each location, then get promoted to get a new and bigger property, and continue your path to becoming a true hotel tycoon. Each hotel has its own style and atmosphere too.

We both love the game. We would like some more hotels. We enjoy seeing our hotel grow from nothing to completion. We saw there are more islands and hope to see some more great hotels on them soon. Our granddaughter suggests underwater with scuba tanks in vending machines. Thanks for a great game!!

We love this game so much and it a great time wasting game. There are many different types of hotels to get once you finish one. The VIP people have trails of money so you can update your hotel. At the back of every drive hotel there a door that says new hotel that give you another hotel.

After the new update none of the hotels we have maxed out show as completed. We had 3 starts on 4 of the hotels and had already prestiged and won each hotel 3 times. Now when we max out the hotel it doesnt show up on the map. Very frustrating as our progress is not able to be shown Also, we paid good money for this game so we would like this fixed.

The paid version is the way to go. It eliminates the ads unless you choose to watch an ad for a boost. It is a great time killer. Down Falls: Update made each hotel their on currency, witch slows the progress. But okay.. You can upgrade each hotel with its (now own currency) 3 times. So the struggle will be.. You cant use that currency at the other hotel.. But that is our next complaint. If you choose to upgrade a hotel a 2nd or 3rd time. Its the same hotel with the same designs. Not any different then starting over That all said. Maybe they changed the currency to slow you down on the hotel your building. Because, they only have a handful of hotels to build All that said, thats why we gave it 3 stars. The game is worth the purchase. Definitely, dont rush it because you will run out of hotels. What we really like is, they dont have features upset hotel customers for not getting to them on time. You can play at your own pace and there is no failure. Our issue was and is. Not enough hotels (yet) and we were having enough fun to see the next hotel. Which we maxed out on. Take this with a grain of salt. Its a great game, maybe its still new. But if you want to upgrade the hotel your working on from level, 1,2 or 3. The decorations should change or have more options. Its latterly the same hotel with no changes.

The amount of interrupted ads is obnoxious and $10 to remove ads is ludicrous! The game itself is a good little idle game to pass time. There is several glitches- money gets stuck on top of beds and tables in the lobby making it impossible to collect. The game randomly freezes and crashes. We have made upgrades only to come back to the game and we have to redo upgrades, and the money is still gone. We happily spend money on games but will not spend one cent until the cost to remove ads is lowered. Judging by another review, even when you spend the ridiculous $10 to remove ads, ads still appear. Bottom line, the ads and cost to remove them really ruin the potential of this game. For the amount of money theyre getting, the graphics should be far more better and the same glitches shouldnt be happening over and over. Lastly, income from previous hotels should absolutely carry over to new hotels as well as when you prestige.


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