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With a recession appearing possible, therefore, it makes sense to determine what happens to overall advertising spending during a downturn, what happens to advertising spending in developing media--as opposed to mature media--during recessions, and what Internet advertisers think will happen to their spending if a recession occurs.

Effect of recessions on "new" media vs. mature media "New" or "developing" media--those that still are growing more quickly than advertising expenditures as a whole--exhibit fewer recessionary effects than traditional media. More specifically, advertising spending on "new media" does not decline before, during, or after recessions, it simply grows less quickly than during normal years. This trend was clearly visible in the growth of television advertising during the recessions of the 1950s and 1960s, and in the growth of cable advertising during the 1990s. One explanation for this effect is obvious: during the development phase of any industry, there are two main revenue growth drivers: new buyers and increases in spending by existing buyers. Even if a recession curtailed the expansion of budgets at existing advertisers, therefore, it is likely that the addition of new ones would continue to expand the overall pie. In mature media markets, by contrast, one of these revenue drivers--the addition of new advertisers--is, for all intents and purposes, gone.

Although Internet stocks clearly would get hammered along with the rest ofthe market if a recession looked imminent (as it did a month ago), I think the battering would be the result of investor panic rather than a poor outlook for industry growth. Valuations in the industry are staggeringly high, and itusually only takes a hint of bad news--or even a hint that there might be bad news--to knock them down. I believe, however, that the stronger Internet stocks would recover faster than the rest of the market, as they did last month,because once they realized the Internet wasn't "over," investors likely would be willing to pay up for growth (as they always have been with these stocks), instead of poking around looking for "value" in the stocks of more mature companies whose revenue might be flat year-over-year.

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