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Sinful Colors Glass Pink Call You Later: Swatches And Review __LINK__

It's that time again!! Zoya has graced us with a new collection. I know you all were bombarded with swatches, so I'm here to give you a fresh peek at the Wanderlust Collection. This just might be my favorite collection they've put out to date. There is a wide range of colors. Some brights, some jewels, and even some earth tones. It is the perfect summer to fall transitional collection in my opinion. A great starter pack for someone who can't make up their mind. Seriously, you guys...SO GOOD! Keep reading to check these out!**WARNING PICTURE HEAVY****Press Samples**WinnieWinnie is described as "a soft watermelon pink cream".Shown is two coats of Winnie with top coat.$10ByrdieByrdie is described as "a muted fuchsia pink cream".Shown is one coat of Byrdie with top coat.$10SonjaSonja is described as "a summery crimson red cream".Shown is one coat of Sonja with top coat.$10MandyMandy is described as "a shimmering berry pink".Shown is two coats of Mandy with top coat.$10SawyerSawyer is described as "a soft, taffy orange cream".Shown is two coats of Sawyer with top coat.$10CoraCora is described as "a muted coral cream".Shown is one coat of Cora with top coat.$10JourneyJourney is described as "a shimmering strawberry red".Shown is two coats of Journey with top coat.$10ScoutScout is described as "a shimmering moss green".Shown is two coats of Scout with top coat.$10ArborArbor is described as "a rich olive green cream".Shown is one coat of Arbor with top coat.$10RiverRiver is described as "a shimmering cobalt blue".Shown is two coats of River with top coat.$10EstyEsty is described as "a rich bubble gum pink cream".Shown is one coat of Esty with top coat.$10LoisLois is described as "a rich magenta violet cream".Shown is one coat of Lois with top coat.$10Do you see what I was talking about?! SO GOOD!!! And the majority of the creams are one coaters!! Really...all the creams are one coaters, but my phone kept going off while I was swatching and it scared me. I messed up my swatches so a couple needed two coats. haha (I'm used to keeping my phone on silent. Don't make fun of me!) The shimmers were beautifully opaque in two coats, but they would be incredible toppers over some of the creams. These formulas are freaking fantastic!! Seriously!!! The best Zoya collection in my opinion. The Wanderlust Collection can be yours now!! Individually, they are $10. If you are planning on getting them all, I would suggest you go ahead and get Set A and Set B for $60 each. The packaging on their sets is super cute. LippiesKayKay is described as "a creamy sheer red".$12KirbyKirby is described as "a bright sheer watermelon pink in a hydrating cream formula".$12KittyKitty is described as "a neutral shimmering pink in a hydrating cream formula".$12These lippies were a great addition to the Wanderlust Collection! Each one is just right they would all work on any skin tone. There was zero staining when I removed them too. I wore Kitty a couple weeks ago and was completely in love. You can buy the lippies for $12 each. I really couldn't pick a favorite from these three. They cover all the bases for anything anyone would need. I recommend them all! Make sure you are following Zoya on all of their social media platforms (links below) to stay updated on news, releases, and sales. What are your thoughts on all the goodies in the Wanderlust Collection?! Any favorites? They really gave you anything you could possibly want in one collection! Perfect for the summer to fall transition period that is upon us. Looking for something special to get for a back to school gift? Pop one of each into your cart...they will be eternally grateful! Zoya information:Website - Blog - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Instagram - YouTube - My information:Blog - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest - Instagram - **The products in this post were provided to me by the manufacturer for my honest review. All opinions are my own. I was not compensated.**Happy Polishing!!Becky :o)

Sinful Colors Glass Pink Call You Later: Swatches And Review

The color range is just perfect. Every single one of the 20 shades are very wearable. As a neutral lip lover I was beyond thrilled to find natural colors that go beyond the basic beige, pink nude or peach. There are roses, plums, mauves and a variety of nudes with different undertones. After testing these colors I really feel that Hourglass took the time to test these on real women to make sure that they have the right undertones to be flattering and wearable. 350c69d7ab


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