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However, a crew deal memo also explains what might be required of a crew member even after their time on set is over, such as retaining confidentiality about the project and allowing their image and name to be used for it.

The particulars of what a film crew deal memo template contains can vary from one project to the next, which is why you should never use a contract memo sample without first evaluating the content of it.

A requisite part of any crew deal memo is the section for all pertinent general information: the production company name, project title, start and end dates of employment, crew member name, crew member position title and crew member contact information, including address, phone number, email address and social security number.

Depending on the project, certain crew members such as the cinematographer and/or sound recordist may be asked to use their own equipment for the production. In such cases, a crew deal memo should outline the compensation that the crew member will receive, which is typically referred to as a kit fee.

If a production company decides to rent from an outside business, the crew deal memo may alternately include language that holds the crew member responsible for the safe-keeping of the rentals they use for the duration of the project.

Alternatively, a cinematographer may want to purchase an additional lens for a particular shot for a shoot. Or a sound recordist may decide to buy another lav mic for a certain scene. Depending on how you phrase it, and because these are new purchases, this could fall under expenses that you as a production company can decide whether or not you're responsible for. You might separate these sections on your crew deal memo or you might put it as one section and have other contracts to follow.

To be clear on the behavior expected from all crew members, a crew deal memo may also outline instances in which the production company is within its right to terminate someone before a project is finished.

A crew member may negotiate particular terms and clauses during the drawing up phase of a deal memo template, but once that crew deal memo is made, it typically will include a section stating that the crew member cannot make any additional or future changes to it.

Alternate versions of terms and clauses may be brought up during discussions between a crew member and production


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