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Red Corner

Nonetheless, a modest iconostasis can always be found standing in some particularly well tended spot in the home where family members and guests gather - usually, the eastern corner of the living or dining room.

Red Corner

With a history dating back to 1863, Cognac Hardy is well known for quality cognacs and traditional production methods. Passed down throughout the generations, this family house of cognac, which can be recognized by its rooster logo, was one of the very first to embrace the spoils of a worldwide distribution network. Thanks to the love of an entrepreneurial Englishman for the French Charentaise countryside, Cognac Hardy boasts a 150 year history of providing a range of cognacs to the four corners of the globe.

I have an Ext.grid.Panel (aka gridpanel) with a store, used only for client-side visual effects (i.e., nothing gets saved to the server). When I create new model instances and add them to the store they are shown in the grid with a red corner (presumably indicating that store changes haven't been saved).

If you want to keep track of whether they're saved to the server or not but just remove the visual indication with the corners, use CSS to change what "dirty" rows look like. If you want to completely remove that tracking, don't use a remote proxy.

what is the meaning of "in the red corner" & "in the blue corner". In the red corner, Mr. Trump has refused to tone down his abrasive rhetoric against women, Latinos, Muslims, African-Americans and the differently abled ...

There are two types of notices issued by Interpol: red corner notices and look out notices. Red Corner notices are issued for fugitives wanted for prosecution or to serve a sentence, while lookout notices are issued for missing persons or unidentified bodies. In both cases, the notice is circulated to all member countries of Interpol in an effort to locate the individual in question. One key difference between the two notices is that red corner notices contain information about the charges against the individual, while look-out notices does not. This is because red corner notices are issued at the request of a judicial authority, whereas look-out notices are issued at the request of a police authority. Another difference is that red corner notices remain active until the individual is located, while look out notices is typically canceled after six months.

A red corner notice is issued when there is an active warrant for your arrest in another country. This means that if you travel to a country where a red-corner notice has been issued, you will be arrested and extradited back to the country where the warrant was issued. In contrast, a lookout notice is issued when there is no active warrant for your arrest, but authorities believe that you may be involved in criminal activity. If you are stopped by authorities in a country where a lookout notice has been issued, they may question you and/or search your possessions, but you will not be automatically arrested.copied from 041b061a72


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