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Dig Deep: How to Hire Workers, Use Powerups, and Build Monuments in this Digger Game

Shovel your way to success: go underground and dig for treasure like a mole on a mission. But don't worry, you won't get stuck in a hole - unless you forget to hire workers to boost your digging empire.This game is the perfect blend of laziness and ambition. Your job is to sit back, relax, and let your hired diggers do the dirty work while you search for those sweet gems and diamonds. If you become the best miner around, you can even hire more gold diggers to expand your mining tycoon empire.With this Bundle , you'll get an additional:-1000 diamonds-animal companions with extra skills ( like faster diamonds mining )Game Features:- dig, shovel, excavate, burrow and dredge a hole- mine gems and earn money to unearth more holes- hire workers to enable idle play- use powerups to speedup mining or buy pets for permanent buffs- build monuments for your glory- play with your friend to dig even deeper!

dig deep game

This game is the perfect blend of laziness and ambition. Your job is to sit back, relax, and let your hired diggers do the dirty work while you search for those sweet gems and diamonds. If you become the best miner around, you can even hire more gold diggers to expand your mining tycoon empire.

Dig Deep is a free runner game featuring pixel graphics and fast addictive gameplay. Players dig down randomly generated terrain to kill aliens and mine gold. Gold is used to buy upgrades which are shared across the multiple characters. Characters can be unlocked by completing unique quests to level up.Format: PC via SteamPlay time so far: 1.5 hours

Want to get to know someone on a deeper level? The classic "21 Questions" game has all the right questions to help you get to know someone better, whether it's your best friend or your crush. We've rounded up the most interesting questions to spark great conversations about anything and everything. With fun questions like these, you'll literally never run out of things to talk about. (If you're looking for other fun things to keep you busy, we've got you covered with these game ideas.)

Vegas has won two games and lost another while operating beneath their top game. Florida played its best game of the series in Game 3 and needed a dying seconds goalie out of their net score to force OT. Was it Florida's top end?

Cassidy kept his players off the ice on Friday and said they wouldn't be "talking about the Florida Panthers," or looking at video. That would come Saturday morning. He planned to talk to the team from a 30,000-foot view. Vegas had won three straight games dating back to the Western Conference Final prior to Thursday night's loss. Cassidy, whose team is now 14-6 in the postseason, was asked about the state of his team's game.

"We're building towards it. We liked our game last night. It didn't work out for us. It could have gone either way, we were right there until the end. I found we played smart shutdown hockey in in the third period and tried to extend the lead. When you have the lead, you don't want to go into a shell," said Cassidy. "Be disciplined, take care of the puck, attacking when you can. We didn't finish those plays. They did with their goalie out. We'll give them credit, their first shot in overtime went in. I thought we were playing the right way. We had an opportunity on the power play and didn't get it done.

But if you go back the series, I go to Game 5 and 6 against Edmonton, I thought we were good late. Winnipeg, obviously we grew. Dallas, we had some good games at the start that could have gone either way. Games 3 and 6 were obviously good for us. And I think we've progressively got better. I think Game 2 in this series, pucks did go in. Yesterday we had some similar opportunities that didn't go in. It's gonna happen you're playing against a really good goaltender, good hockey team. So that's a little bit of how it goes and we're not going to beat ourselves up over yesterday's game. We're going to do what we always do and look at where we can get better. And keep growing our game and hopefully be better in Game 4 and know this is a time of year when you have to be better each game. And we've seen it now. Right? So has Florida. They've probably seen what their best game looks like. And I'd still like to think we do have another gear. We saw it in Dallas a little bit and somewhat in Edmonton. So I think our guys are familiar with it. And that's what's made us successful. I think we can get back to it quickly because we've seen what it looks like and that's going to be the challenge for us in Game 4."

"If you saw the game, i's exactly what your eyes saw. To be honest, I'm not trying to be simple, but we got an early lead. We're up three nothing in the first period. Very little time in our zone and we managed pucks through the neutral zone. We're in attack mode, created turnovers off the forecheck and had good discipline. There's just a lot of good habits on the offensive side of the puck, when to attack, and when to play behind them and defensively protect the middle of the ice," he said. "I think we gave up one early chance to (Roope) Hintz and after that we were pretty good at forcing them to react to what we were doing. And then we kept it going for 60 minutes. I don't think we ever truly gave them a chance to get back in the game. Every team has a push or they might have a small one. But we tempered that quickly. So it's always for us trying to get that 60 minute game and that was as close as we've been to it and so we would like to get back to that every night. I'm sure Florida has a game in their back pocket they refer to. I don't know which one it is but they are trying to get to that game and so that'll be the challenge for us."

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In this challenging, story-driven game for 1-5 players, you will play as group of Antares National Investigation Agency members. You are going to tackle five different cases and solve them in order. Each of them affecting the next. Together they will form a campaign that will put your skills to the test.

It took him significantly longer to summon up a reason he believes his team can turn around a 3-6 season that's now pockmarked by five straight losses, including Sunday's defeat to a team that had previously won one time and had been allowing a league-high 32.1 points per game.

"I've been counted out many times in my life as have many of my teammates, and I hope we just dig deep and find a way," Rodgers said. "We will truly be underdogs for many games moving forward. Hopefully we can embrace that. We have two games at home. We've got to go win those two games in a week, and then this thing looks a little different."

Rodgers was referring to next Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys and the following Thursday against the Tennessee Titans. Throw in the game at the unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles to follow, and the Packers' next three opponents have a combined record of 19-4.

He threw the first interception off the helmet of Lions linebacker Derrick Barnes. It bounced into the hands of safety Kerby Joseph, who also got Rodgers' third interception of the game when he undercut a throw down the middle to tight end Robert Tonyan. In between, Rodgers botched a tackle-eligible play to left tackle David Bakhtiari when he floated the pass well short of the lineman, and Lions defensive end Aidan Hutchinson picked it off in the end zone.

Rodgers lost two receivers to injury (Romeo Doubs, ankle, and Christian Watson, evaluated for a concussion) and running back Aaron Jones (ankle) during the game and already was without Randall Cobb. He completed only 10 of 23 passes to receivers on Sunday, with the 43.5% clip being his worst since Week 5 of 2019. That's been a theme throughout the five-game losing streak, in which he has completed 51% to wide receivers compared to 74% during the Packers' 3-1 start.

"I think that's an exaggeration," Rodgers said. "Frustration and miserability are two different emotions. So, when I decided to come back, it was all-in, and I don't make decisions and then hindsight 20/20 have regrets about big decisions like that. So, I was all-in, and this is a lot of life lessons, for sure, this year, but luckily it's not over. There's still a lot of games left. We'll be counted out, probably by many, and we'll see how we respond."

For those looking to recreate the experience of being a wise-cracking detective from the TV show Law & Order (or insert the name of your favorite procedural cop drama here) Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game is an excellent option. It won our BGQ Award in 2018 for Best Cooperative Game and Most Thematic Board game.

The game began at 3:30pm on Apr. 9 and was suspended due to inclement weather. The game was then rescheduled to resume at 10:30am the next day (Apr. 10) right where it left off. The game didn't actually begin until 11:30am today (Apr. 10) because of a further rain delay.

They proceeded to play three-extra innings until the Vulcans walked off in the bottom of the tenth. Casey Yamauchi doubled to begin the inning and advanced to second off a sacrifice bunt by Mason Campbell. The Sharks then intentionally walked Joseph Gallagher and Kekaulike Kalua, which put Ryan Cho up to bat with bases loaded and just one out. Hawai'i Pacific's pitcher hit Cho which pushed the game-winning run across.Kea picked up his sixth win of the season where he tallied six strikeouts.


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