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As Good As It Gets

Praise for the film was not uniform among critics. While Roger Ebert gave the film three stars (out of four), he called the film a "compromise, a film that forces a smile onto material that doesn't wear one easily," writing that the film drew "back to story formulas," but had good dialogue and performances.[13] The Washington Post critic Desson Howe gave a generally negative review of the film, writing that it "gets bogged down in sentimentality, while its wheels spin futilely in life-solving overdrive."[14]

As Good As It Gets


Yet there's so much good here, in the dialogue, the performances and the observation, that the movie succeeds at many moments even while pursuing its doomed grand design. Consider Melvin's decision to arrange for the medical treatment of Carol's son. The little boy suffers agonizing asthma attacks, but through Melvin, Carol is able to find a dedicated doctor (Harold Ramis) who can do some good. The material here is right out of a silent weeper: Repentant Scrooge helps poor child to breathe again. But by casting the wonderfully droll Ramis as the doctor and skewing the dialogue just slightly, Brooks makes it new and screwy.

The main story line gets a similar treatment. It becomes clear that Melvin has been destined by the filmmakers to become a better man: First he accepts dogs, then children, then women, and finally even his gay neighbor. But Brooks and Andrus, having blocked out this conventional progression, then write against it, using rich irony so that individual scenes seem fresh even while the overall progress follows ancient custom. When Melvin goes back for a belated visit to his onetime therapist, for example, they give him a perfect line: "How can you diagnose someone as having obsessive-compulsive disorder and yet criticize him for not making an appointment?"

A title like As Good As It Gets sounds more appropriate for a more realistic take on its characters, with a more complicated ending. Such a film could have worked. It would have made more sense, and it would have been less of a star vehicle and more an ensemble piece, Carol and possibly even Simon having equal time to Melvin. Instead, producer-director and co-writer James L. Brooks went for fun and a more old-fashioned, cast-driven Hollywood charm. And despite all the reasons it shouldn't, it gets very good indeed.

With terrific lead performances by Jack Nicholson as a demonic novelist and Helen Hunt as a Manhattan waitress, As Good as It Gets is as good as mature adult entertainment gets on the silver screen. Edgy and idiosyncratic, this TriStar romance will definitely not be cuddly enough for certain audience tastes, but Brooks can chalk this one up in his own as-good-as-it-gets column, along with Terms of Endearment and Broadcast News.

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