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Where to Download Anime Sun Wukong and Enjoy His Amazing Powers

Download Anime Sun Wukong: How to Watch the Adventures of the Monkey King


Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is one of the most famous and beloved characters in Chinese mythology and literature. He is a trickster god who possesses incredible strength, speed, shape-shifting abilities and magical powers. He is also a loyal and courageous companion to the Buddhist monk Tang Sanzang, who travels from China to India to obtain sacred scriptures in the classic novel Journey to the West.

Due to his popularity and appeal, Sun Wukong has been adapted into many forms of media, including movies, TV shows, comics, games and anime. Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan and has a global fan base. If you are interested in watching anime sun wukong, you might be wondering how to download them legally and safely.

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In this article, we will introduce you to the origin of Sun Wukong, some of the best anime adaptations of his story, and the best sites to download anime sun wukong. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of this fascinating character and how to enjoy his adventures on your screen.

The Origin of Sun Wukong

The Journey to the West novel

The legend of Sun Wukong first appeared in the 16th-century adventure novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en. The novel is based on the historical journey of a Chinese monk named Xuanzang who traveled to India in the 7th century to collect Buddhist scriptures. Along the way, he encountered various dangers and challenges, but also gained four disciples who helped him complete his mission. One of them was Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong was born from a magic stone that was exposed to the essence of heaven and earth. He learned Taoist arts and acquired supernatural powers from a sage. He rebelled against the heavenly authorities and caused havoc in heaven until he was subdued by Buddha and imprisoned under a mountain for 500 years. He was later released by Xuanzang who accepted him as a disciple on the condition that he would protect him from evil. Sun Wukong agreed and became a devoted follower of Buddhism.

The influences from Hindu and Buddhist texts

The character of Sun Wukong was likely influenced by figures from Hindu and Buddhist texts, particularly the monkey god Hanuman in the Ramayana, a Hindu epic. Hanuman is a loyal servant of Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu, who helps him rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. Hanuman also has superhuman abilities such as flying, lifting mountains and changing size.

Some scholars also suggest that Sun Wukong was inspired by Xuanzang's disciple Shi Banto, who was an Indian monk who accompanied him on his journey. Shi Banto was known for his intelligence, bravery and martial arts skills. He also had a monkey-like appearance due to his facial hair.

The meaning of his name and attributes

Sun Wukong's name means "the monkey awakened by empt ness", which reflects his spiritual transformation from a rebellious demon to a devout Buddhist. He is also known by other names, such as the Great Sage Equal to Heaven, the Victorious Fighting Buddha and the Monkey King.

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Sun Wukong has many distinctive attributes that make him a unique and memorable character. He has a golden cudgel that can change its size and weight according to his will. He can also transform into 72 different animals and objects, such as a bird, a bug, a tree or a cloud. He can create clones of himself from his hair, each with their own abilities. He can travel thousands of miles in a single somersault. He can see through illusions and detect evil with his fiery eyes. He can also control the wind, the water, the fire and the earth with his magic spells.

The Anime Adaptations of Sun Wukong

Xi You Ji (Journey to the West: Legends of the Monkey King)

One of the most popular and faithful anime adaptations of Sun Wukong's story is Xi You Ji, also known as Journey to the West: Legends of the Monkey King. It is a 52-episode series that was produced by China Central Television and Japan's Nippon Animation in 1999. It follows the original plot of the novel and depicts the adventures of Sun Wukong and his companions as they face various enemies and obstacles on their way to India.

The anime is praised for its high-quality animation, colorful characters, humorous dialogues and epic battles. It also incorporates elements of Chinese culture, history and philosophy into the story. It is widely regarded as one of the best adaptations of Journey to the West ever made.

Immortal Demon Slayer (Wu Kong)

Another anime adaptation of Sun Wukong's story is Immortal Demon Slayer, also known as Wu Kong. It is a 2017 Chinese fantasy action film that was directed by Derek Kwok and starred Eddie Peng as Sun Wukong. It is based on a novel by Jin Hezai that reimagines Sun Wukong's origin and his rebellion against heaven.

The film portrays Sun Wukong as a young and rebellious warrior who seeks to overthrow the Jade Emperor, the ruler of heaven, who he believes is corrupt and oppressive. Along the way, he meets other characters from Journey to the West, such as Tang Sanzang, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing, who have different roles and personalities than in the original story. The film is full of stunning visual effects, thrilling action scenes and emotional drama.

Grimms Notes The Animation

A more recent and unconventional anime adaptation of Sun Wukong's story is Grimms Notes The Animation, which aired in 2019. It is based on a mobile game of the same name that features characters from various fairy tales and myths, such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Journey to the West.

The anime follows a group of heroes who travel to different worlds to restore their original stories that have been distorted by evil forces. One of these worlds is based on Journey to the West, where they meet Sun Wukong and his friends. However, they soon discover that Sun Wukong is not the hero they expected, but rather a villain who has betrayed his master and joined forces with the enemy.

The Best Sites to Download Anime Sun Wukong


One of the best sites to download anime sun wukong is Crunchyroll, which is a leading platform for streaming and downloading anime, manga and drama. Crunchyroll has a large library of anime titles, including Xi You Ji (Journey to the West: Legends of the Monkey King), which you can watch online or download to your device with a premium subscription.

Crunchyroll also offers other benefits for anime fans, such as simulcasts of new episodes from Japan, exclusive content and merchandise, forums and news. You can access Crunchyroll on various devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs and game consoles. You can also try Crunchyroll for free for 14 days before deciding whether to subscribe or not.

Amazon Prime Video

Another site to download anime sun wukong is Amazon Prime Video, which is a video-on-demand service that offers movies, TV shows and original content. Amazon Prime Video has Immortal Demon Slayer (Wu Kong) available for rent or purchase in HD quality. You can watch it online or download it to your device for offline viewing.

Amazon Prime Video also has other features for viewers, such as subtitles and audio options, parental controls, recommendations and reviews. You can access Amazon Prime Video on various devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs and game consoles. You can also get access to Amazon Prime Video with an Amazon Prime membership, which also gives you other benefits such as free shipping, music streaming and e-books.

Other options

There are also other sites to download anime sun wukong, but they may not be as reliable or legal as Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video. Some of these sites are: - AnimeFreak: A free site that offers a variety of anime genres and subbed and dubbed versio


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