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Bhairavi Serial In Sun Tv Episode 50

Kavithalayaa Productions is an Indian film production and distribution company based in Chennai. It was founded by filmmaker K. Balachander in 1981. It has a library of 50+ films in three languages and 3500+ hours of television content.[1][2] Kavithalayaa is currently releasing the olden serials in YouTube including Thuru Pidikkum Manasu.

bhairavi serial in sun tv episode 50

Balachander has been producing television serials through Minbimbangal, the television offshoot of his movie production outfit Kavithalaya. Towards the end of his successful series, Anni, he went through his old files looking for an idea for his next serial and chanced on the rough sequel to Sindhu Bhairavi he had written 10 years ago.

Sindhu Bhairavi was released in 1985. The film ended with Sindhu leaving her son with JKB and Bhairavi. The serial (Sahana -- Sindhu Bhairavi 2) starts 19 years down the line. Sindhu's son Surya is 19. Bhairavi has given birth to a daughter, but they have no clue where Sindhu is.

Balachander and his unit could not trace Sulakshana who disappeared from the film scene 12 years ago. So they decided to kill Bhairavi's character and keep her as a photograph in the serial. As it transpired, Sulakshana found out about the sequel from the newspapers and contacted Balachander. To his delight, she told him she would play Bhairavi.

Rajesh Vaidya, who is composing the songs for the serial, faces a tough challenge; the songs composed by Ilayaraja for Sindhu Bhairavi are considered masterpieces. Carnatic stalwarts Dr M Balamurali Krishna and Sudha Raghunathan will render the songs.

Tess Taylor explores Anne Spencer's poetry and a live performance by Lucy Dacus. This episode marks the first time Anne Spencer's voice will be broadcast outside of the Anne Spencer House and Garden Museum. 350c69d7ab


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