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Ian Wilson

Saints Row

Even though The Third featured the saints as media figures as well as gangs, it at least featured the series' usual gang warfare. 4 starts with the Saints on a military mission for some reason, and immediately afterward segues into the Boss becoming president and the alien invasion. While the Saints Row reboot risks leaving fans behind, some could argue that 4 already did that. Were it not for the presence of the Saints, it would be barely recognizable as a Saints Row game. While there is something to be said for being ambitious, taking the hardened gangster protagonist and turning them into the super powered President of the United States is a step too far to be taken seriously.

Saints Row

I'm not a fan of saints row, but I enjoyed the first 2 games. I thought the character creation was good in this new game. I've tried the boss creator demo. I haven't played it tho to see how it is and never looked at gameplay. I looked at the price when it was coming out and I was like yeah, I'm not buying this.

Never been overly impressed with any of the saints row with the most recent one impressing the least.IMO only one GTA clone has eclipsed GTA and that is Sleeping Dogs. I'm surprised in this era of failed IPs that they don't just give us what we want and that is to play Sleeping Dogs 2 whilst eating a pork bun. PS would like a new story not a remake.

I sat down and played it when I picked it up for $20. I just wished I was playing saints row 3 or 4 or 2 nearly the entire time unfortunately. The activities were mostly boring, I only liked one of the characters, and despite claiming to give more character choice they made the boobies smaller. 3/10 it mostly runs fine after patches and some of the radio station music is okay. 041b061a72


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