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Wireless Password Hacker V3 0

- if you don't have an ethernet cable handy, you can still use the airgeddon network from a mac using the airgeddon wireless framework. it should just work by default, but you may need to turn off ipv6 since it causes a lot of problems with some captive portals.

wireless password hacker v3 0

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you'll be asked for a password. supply the password you captured from the router, which you should have saved from the previous step. the command should be completed, and you should see hashcat's output as it attempts to crack your password.

this network disconnection will happen before the user has even clicked the "connect" button, and thus, we'll be able to determine that the user is in the middle of typing in their password on the legitimate wi-fi network. with this information, we'll then be able to send the authentication data to the legitimate access point, and if successful, we'll be able to send the user back to the legitimate network, gaining access to the network.

the next step is to load the network hash file into hashcat. we'll use the wifi-passwords.hashcat2 file from hcxtools. if you're using windows, you can use the wifispasswords.hashcat2. if you're using linux, you can use the wifispasswords. as with besside-ng, we'll use the "fast" preset. just like in the case of besside-ng, setting up hashcat is only half the battle, as we must now configure it. this is done by generating a settings file from settings.xml. do this by selecting settings in the top-left menu, and selecting settings. save the file somewhere convenient, then run hashcat again, and you'll be presented with the settings screen. on the hashcat settings page, we must define the settings for our crack attempt. here, we'll set the cracker as a "normal" cracker. we'll set the threads to 8, the number of brute-force passwords to try, and the initial password to crack.


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