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Rezo Bragin

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The dynamic between Steve and his friends is now turning to chaos. Steve has been hanging around Norris, a.k.a. Norris the Nerd, way too much and they are both getting fed up with each other. Diving into their entrepreneurial ventures, the four friends have started their own companies. Of the four companies, Norris and Nora are the only ones still working on theirs. Every now and then they look up at all the other stories of the founders of companies who arent working on the companies theyve started.

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One day while hanging out with his best friend and roommate Nate, Joey starts the conversation up again by saying to his friend, You know we just dont have a past. Im proposing we all take a trip to Japan, the place we never got to. And just like that, one of his personal and professional dreams has become a reality.

Seeking to increase their presence on social media, the four friends set out to make themselves more visible to potential investors and to customers. Except the truth is, no one knows who they are because theyre asleep in a hammock in a small town in Utah. All that is left to really bring them to life are their voices.

While donning an invisible cloak, she starts to hear the supernatural voices tell her what a new friend would say. After trying to listen to the voices of her first real friend, Larry, he plays in town with her and another great friend, and the two of them stop themselves in the middle of talking. They both ask each other the same question: what would you say if you died tomorrow?

When Lucas is given a seemingly impossible task and is almost killed for trying, it will forever change his life. Running into a gang of ex-convicts while trying to find his friend Lucas decides to start walking away from the violence and from everything. He will start by walking away from violence in general but soon finds himself on an entirely different path.


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