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Ian Wilson

Sl Loney Plane Trigonometry Part 2 Pdf 19

Although, I do not have any recommendation for trigonometry text and most of the arguments for & against seems valid here. But I do want to point out, SL Loney is widely used as a reference textbook in India for Trignometry & Coordinate geometry. Any student who is serious about qualifying the university entrance exams must solve part 1 of the Loney's trigonometry. I still use this book to teach trigonometry to my kids who are in US high school.

Sl Loney Plane Trigonometry Part 2 Pdf 19

I also suggest the thinkwell but as a supplement not the main course. Larson is good but ridiculously expensive and klaf & durell are a little too much if don't already know something. Gelfand & Loney are generally a more rigorous and conceptually clear treatment of the subject. I have one other suggestion, which is free "Stitz & Zeager, trigonometry". This is also very good, only complaint a little dry and the appearance too spartan, even for a math book !

1.Palmer C.I, Leigh C.w plane and spherical trigonometry old but really good book and plenty of physics applications2. I.M Gelfand (russian version is much more rigorous)3. Bettinger A.K Algebra and trigonometry4. Swokowski E.W, Cole J.A Algebra and Trigonometry 350c69d7ab


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