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Mant Deep TOP

The various rooms may contain Lamps, Honey Chests, Stalagmites, or Antcomb Homes (where the Mants spawn as larvae). All of these structures can be hammered or mined, though they are not renewable. Mants will not become aggressive upon mining/hammering these structures. The Queen Womant Den entrance is also to be found in here.

Mant Deep


Gnomoria is designed so that in-depth combat isn't "forced" on the player. [1] Enemy difficulty does not scale with time by default, but with how you progress in the game; be careful not to delve "too greedily and too deep." Selecting the Peaceful difficulty during world creation will prevent any hostile monsters from spawning.

Mants are not tied to kingdom wealth, but are tied to food and drink stores. If you have a lot of food and drink lying around a mant scout may spawn on your map. If he leaves after sometime without harm, a mant invasion will trigger sending a force of mants based on your food and drink amount.

Monsters are creatures found below the surface beginning from level -8, spawning in any dark areas. The types of monsters encountered and their strength increases the deeper the level they are encountered in. They can be prevented from spawning in an area by placing torches, although this will not prevent them from spawning at any exposed map edges. By default all military squads attack monsters on sight except Golems. 041b061a72


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