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About Us


Our aim is to facilitate a range of equestrian based social and business events whilst delivering exclusive benefits to all attendees and subscribers.
We feel that our series of events enable people from a range of equestrian backgrounds to get together and meet in person! ..If you like antidote to the more distancing impact of social media.. We love social media by the way!! and use it all the time,  but nothing beats face to face human interaction!!.
Through our events, we hope to create valuable opportunities for all equestrians whether thats businesses, local organisations and charities, professional services or leisure and sports based equestrians. Through our website subscription and our events we offer our subscribers and attendees exclusive benefits, these many include offers and discounts for local saddlery, feed, clothing, animal health and welfare retail and services alongside facilities and venue hire and clinic offers. So join our growing network and come along to our events, meet new people and potential customers, catch up with friends, arrange to hack out or go competing! maybe learn something new and create opportunities for all!.  
..Any questions? Ideas? please get in touch with us at

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